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About Us

Our Mission

To develop, produce and bring to market baked goods, pastries, charcuteries, ready-to-eat offerings and gourmet specialties intended for consumers and recognized for quality, originality, and authenticity. To strive for excellence in all circumstances, in a spirit of love, sharing and respect for the well-being of people and place.

Historique Première Moisson

Our Story


The Colpron-Fiset family founded Première Moisson and opened the first bakery in Vaudreuil.


Première Moisson opened the Les Moulins de Soulanges mill. They become the first bakery to use local wheat flour without any chemical input in their bread.


Première Moisson partners with Métro, who acquires 75% of the company’s shares.


Première Moisson now owns 25 bakeries in the Montreal area, one in Quebec City and and two in the Ottawa-Gatineau region.

Vision Première Moisson


  • To remain the leader in the artisan bakery and pastry sector, and a major player in the production and marketing of authentic, premium quality charcuteries and ready-to-eat offerings through reliance upon a combination of commitment, expertise and capacity to innovate across company ranks.
  • To foster ongoing company growth by continuing to develop our integrated network and consistently adapting our business model to emerging trends, our goal being to remain a step ahead of ever-evolving consumer tastes.
  • To excel in managing our integrated network and distinguish ourselves by providing a customer purchasing experience nothing short of exemplary at the retail bakery level
Valeurs Première Moisson

Our Values

Première Moisson’s values:

  • Reflect the authenticity of our managers, partners, and organizational culture.
  • Represent the common denominator for all collaborators.
  • Guide our every action and impact the manner in which our employees work and serve customers
  • Engage all women and men in our employ to act in accordance with the principles that they have voluntarily chosen to share.

Development, Technology and Innovation

Support the sound development of agriculture in the home market, beginning with the growing of exclusive varieties of wheat. Invest in innovation with a view to optimizing efficiency and ensuring a high level of quality in all company development, production, management, and marketing processes.

Ecology and Ethics

  • Champion, at all times and in all circumstances, healthy, natural, authentic ingredients grown in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.
  • Commit to the community and demonstrate our commitment through the manner in which we manage our business.
  • Attach the highest importance to customer well-being and the provision of healthful food items.
  • Select all of our ingredients with painstaking care based on exacting criteria for freshness, quality, and respect for the environment.
  • Be consistently on the lookout for exclusive ingredients developed especially for us.

Equity and Integrity

  • Towards our customers : We share with them, to their ultimate satisfaction, our passion for products of the finest quality.
  • Towards our employees and affiliates : We value their well-being, development, and excellence in the workplace.
  • Towards our suppliers : We promote local purchasing and the development of lasting mutually beneficial relationships.