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Where can I find your products?

You can buy our products at any of our 23 bakeries in Quebec or the one in Ottawa.


You can also order most products from our website.


Many Première Moisson brand products are also sold in stores in Quebec and Ontario, mainly in Metro grocery stores.

Do you offer gluten-free products?

Our Alternative line is ideal for people who have a gluten sensitivity. It includes breads, viennoiseries and pastries. However, this product line can still contain trace amounts of gluten since they are made at the same facilities as our regular products. Since wheat flour is difficult to contain, it is possible that these products contain traces, despite all our precautions. As a result, the Alternative products are not certified gluten-free. You can find these products easily thanks to the blue seal.

What do you do with products left over at the end of the day?

All our unsold products are either transformed (e.g. croutons, bread crumbs) or donated to an organization that redistributes them to others.

Where do I find cooking instructions and other information for your products?

Our website has all the information about our products, including cooking instructions where applicable, ingredient lists and nutrition information. Just type the product name in the search bar and click on the picture of the product, and all the information on that product will be displayed.


Can I reschedule my order for earlier or later pick-up/delivery?

Your request must be done at least 24 hours in advance, and you must contact the bakery by telephone to do so.

Can I change or cancel an order?

You can change or cancel an order with 24 hours’ notice (48 hours for catering orders). To do so, you must contact the bakery by telephone.


If the order was paid in advance, you will be reimbursed (note that 7 to 10 days are needed for a credit card refund).

Do you accept special orders?

Because all our bakeries are artisanal, you can always contact the team at your nearest Première Moisson bakery for a special order.

What is your policy on exchanges and refunds?

For exchanges or refunds, please contact the bakery where you purchased the item.


Click here to see the directory of bakeries and their contact info.

How long in advance do I have to place my order?

It’s never too early to place your order, but there are minimum order preparation times of 2, 24 or 48 hours depending on the product(s) selected. You’ll find these order times listed with the products in the catering section of our website.


Can I get a quote?

Yes. Simply phone your bakery to ask for a quote for the order you want to place.

How do I get the receipt for my online order?

To get a copy of your receipt, phone the bakery you selected when you placed your online order.


Can I buy a gift card from your website?

Unfortunately, no. Our gift cards are only available in our stores. However, if it is difficult for you to get to your favourite bakery, you can phone them to buy a gift card. They can send it to you or set it aside for someone to pick up for you.

Do you deliver?

Some of our bakeries offer a delivery service for their area. When you enter your postal code during the online transaction, you will see if delivery is available in your area. If delivery does not appear as an option, it’s because your postal code is not in an area where delivery is offered or because the selected bakery does not offer delivery. You can also call the bakery nearest you to see if they offer delivery.


See our Purchasing and Delivery Policy for more details.

Can I pay with a gift card on your website?

Unfortunately, no. For the time being, Première Moisson gift cards can only be used in our bakeries.


How can I join the moi program?

There are three ways to join the moi program:


a) If you’re an existing metro&moi member, you have nothing to do. Your enrollment is automatic


b) Online by visiting or via the app of your favourite participating banner (food or pharmacy)


c) In one of the participating banners (Metro, Jean Coutu, Super C, Brunet), you’ll be requested to supply a phone number or email address, and a card will be provided to you. You will then need to complete your enrollment by visiting or via the app, and link your card to your account using the instructions you will receive by text message or email.

How does the moi rewards program work?

With the moi program, reward cheques have been replaced by instant redeems at checkout. With a minimum of 500 points ($4), you can redeem your reward points at any participating store to reduce your shopping bill. The terms of the program are as follows:


- $1 spent (before taxes) = 1 point earned ● 125 points = $1


Online enrollment must be completed to take advantage of program benefits, including the option to instantly redeem points at checkout


- Partial redemption is permitted. It is not mandatory to redeem all your points to pay for a purchase


- Points never expire and are redeemable at any time


- The digital card on the app is accessible at all times and can be used at all participating stores

How can I change my personal information (change of address, etc.)?

To access your moi account and edit your personal information, click HERE.

How can I check the balance of my account?

You can view your points balance in real time by logging in to your account:

- At

- Online by visiting the websites of the participating banners (Metro, Jean Coutu, Super C, Brunet)

- On the mobile app of any participating banner (Metro, Jean Coutu, Super C, Brunet) as well as on your transaction receipts (paper and digital) and available at store checkout.

With the discontinuation of reward cheques, what happens to the ones I still have in my possession?

As of May 2, 2023, you will no longer be able to redeem your reward cheques. Your unused cheques will be automatically converted to points which will be credited to your moi account and eligible to redeem for instant rewards at checkout.

When I create a customer account under a banner, does this automatically enroll me in the moi program?

No. The customer account you create under a banner establishes your consumer profile using personal information and preferences (mailing address, language, newsletter subscription, favourite grocery store, etc.). To learn more about joining the moi program, click HERE.

How do I link my card to my account?

Click HERE to link your card to your moi account. This will allow you to access your personalized offers and enjoy all the benefits of the moi program.

Can I replace a damaged, lost or stolen card?

No. You must deactivate* your card and submit a request for a new one by clicking HERE. It will be issued in digital format and automatically linked to your account. You can also request a physical card in-store that you will need to link to your account to continue using the program.

In which stores in Quebec and Ontario can I earn points and redeem my rewards?

You can earn points and redeem your rewards at all participating stores in Quebec, namely Metro (except Metro Coop Fermont), Super C, Jean Coutu, Brunet, and Première Moisson.

In Ontario, the moi program is offered in Jean Coutu pharmacies, but not in Metro stores.

When do I start earning points and when can I redeem rewards?

As soon as you join online (or pre-join in-store), you start earning points on your purchases*. When you reach a minimum of 500 points ($4), you can redeem your rewards at any participating store to reduce your shopping bill.


(*) Some restrictions may apply depending on the terms of the program.

How do I cancel my enrollment in the moi program?

To unsubscribe from the moi program, fill out the cancellation form available HERE. Please note that this cancellation will not delete your moiID account nor your existing accounts under participating banners. This will allow you, for example, to continue using the online ordering services.

Can I request additional cards for my family members?

Each card is unique and there can only be one member per moi account. However, you can link more than one card to your account. If you wish to add a relative, submit an application for a new card HERE.

Who can join the moi program?

To join the moi program, you must be 16 years of age or older, and reside in Canada.

Are there any products that are not eligible for point allocation?

Virtually all items offered in-store and online allow you to earn points*. However, the following items are excluded: tobacco products, lottery tickets, transit passes, gift cards, gift certificates, prepaid phone cards, stamps, postal services, dry-cleaning, movie and game rentals, bottle and can deposits, SAQ wine and spirits agency products, delivery charges and donations.


(*) Some restrictions may apply depending on the terms of the program.

Can I transfer points or rewards to another member?

No. You cannot transfer your points or rewards to another member. However, if a relative has an additional card linked to your account, he/she can earn points and redeem rewards on your account with that card.

What happens if I return a product for which I have earned or redeemed points?

If you paid for this product in whole or in part with your rewards, it will be refunded to you in the form of a gift card. Participating stores do reserve the right to deduct the base points or promotional points allocated to you when purchasing this product.

How can I get my points if I forget my smartphone or my card?

Save your receipt. Within a maximum of 14 days, go to, in the help center, and fill the points adjustment form HERE. The number of points indicated on the receipt will be credited to your account.

Can I earn and redeem points with the online ordering service?

Yes. Metro and Super C online services allow you the opportunity to earn and redeem points. Currently, Jean Coutu and Brunet stores do not offer this option. However, it is possible to earn points on your online orders at Première Moisson.


Do you hire foreign workers?

Yes. Every application is considered individually.


Why did you launch this specialized baker training program?

The baking industry has been experiencing a labour shortage for many years, throughout the province. To alleviate this shortage and ensure that the next generation of bakers is well-trained, we established the province’s most exhaustive training program specialized in baking, in partnership with the prestigious ITHQ, which is known for the excellence of its study programs and the quality consulting services offered by its hospitality consulting centre. Participants who successfully complete the training program will receive a certification from the ITHQ.

When can interested people register?

Registration is open from August 1 to November 15, 2023.

When does the training start?

Training will begin in March 2024.

How many people will be selected?

The first group will have 17 people.

Who is this training for?

The training is for anyone wanting to become a professional baker. It is not necessary to have food service or bakery experience to register.

What are the eligibility criteria?
  • Be fluent in French, spoken and written

  • Be 16 or older

  • Successfully complete a pre-admission interview

  • Be legally authorized to work in Canada

    Note: There are no academic prerequisites


Who developed the content of the training?

The training program was jointly developed by Première Moisson and the ITHQ.

Will the training be recognized by the ministry of education?

No, this is not an accredited training program with the ministry of education. However, participants who complete the training will receive a certification from the ITHQ attesting to their success.

How many hours is the training program?

There are 994 hours of theoretical and practical classes: about 25% theory and 75% practice.

How much does the training cost?

The cost of the training is $2,824.

BUT it’s important to note that:

  • There is nothing to pay before you start the training.
  • Payment for the course will be withdrawn from your paychecks, in the amount $27.15/week.
  • This amount will be deposited into a transfer account.
  • After 2 years of working for Première Moisson, the total amount paid for the training will be given to you, so long as you are still an active employee of Première Moisson.
Are there bursaries available to pay for a portion of the training?

Not for the moment. However, the training is paid.

Where will classes be held?

The theoretical classes, which involve self-learning videos, will be available from the Première Moisson training portal. Therefore, participants can do their theoretical classes from home.

The training on Viennese pastries will be given at the ITHQ premises, and the other practical courses will take place at Première Moisson facilities.

How is this course different from the Baking diploma of vocational studies (DEP) that already exists?

Our specialized baking program is different because, in addition to the theoretical training, the apprentice baker has the opportunity to practice 850 hours in a professional environment (at Première Moisson), allowing them to get real on-the-job baker training while they take the training course.

Is a French exam needed to follow the training?


Is the program only offered in French?


How will participants be selected if more than the planned number of participants (17) apply?

Participants will be selected by Première Moisson after a pre-admission interview.

What is the ITHQ’s role in this specialized training?

The ITHQ’s hospitality consulting centre offers industry support by developing upgrading, tailor-made training and advisory services to businesses and organizations. The hospitality consulting service acts as a service provider for Première Moisson and developed this specialized baking training in collaboration with Première Moisson. (More specifically as regards the theoretical component and the Viennese pastry component, while also supervising the work relating to the in-bakery practical training).

Did the ITHQ contribute to developing the content of the training?

Yes, the ITHQ developed this training in collaboration with Première Moisson. In fact the theoretical training was designed and organized by two chef-professors from the ITHQ.

How do I register?

For more information, or to register, contact us by email at


Who do I contact to place a bulk order of Première Moisson products?

Please contact our team responsible for this type of order:

Who do I contact about a sponsorship request?

All sponsorship requests must be sent to

How do I contact customer service?

You can reach our Customer Experience team by filling out the form in the Contact Us section of our website or by calling 1-844-463-6760.