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Our commitment: truly authentic!

Blend of tradition and innovation

Blend of tradition and innovation

Since 1992, we have drawn on our perfect blend of tradition and innovation to bring you products inspired by traditional French baking methods.

Unique wheats

Unique wheats

We use unique wheats grown in Quebec with sustainable agriculture practices that respect the grain and the soil.

Exceptional flours

Exceptional flours

These unbleached and untreated flours rise to our expectations for excellent quality and create breads with unmatched flavours.

Our facilities

Since 1992, our artisans have been inspired by the passion to create while following the highest standards. Our approach was developed based on traditional French baking methods and our expert bakers have succeeded in recreating artisanal production steps for large amounts. Our two plants have different procedures, each respecting the rules of the art of artisanal baking in the most sensible way for its situation. Hearth baking, long fermentation, and simple, high-quality ingredients are the heart and soul of our method

Historique Première Moisson

Vaudreuil-Dorion: where it all began

Built in 1992 when the company was just starting, our Vaudreuil-Dorion facility has been expanded five times so we could continue meeting consumers’ growing appetite for our products.

Yet the handmade aspect that sets us apart is still evident. Throughout the production process, our bakers perform the traditional steps of their trade, from kneading to unloading the oven. The plant relies on this artisanal process to produce nearly one hundred different types of bread for the retail market, including our popular country-style round loaf and our organic sprouted grain loaf.

  • Surface area: more than 45,000 square feet (4,000 square meters)
  • Staff: 100 passionate bakers
Historique Première Moisson

Baie-D’Urfé: variety and productivity

This ultra-efficient plant creates more than 80 pastries and 120 different types of bread—from baguettes to rolls and ciabattas and more—for retail and HRI customers. Built in 2011, it has an enormous production capacity. In addition to complying with the most stringent quality standards, it also allows us to offer four certifications that consumers value highly.

  • Surface area: 100,000 square feet (9,000 square meters)
  • Staff: 200 passionate bakers

Your satisfaction is what we work for

All our processes are constructed around one primary objective: satisfying our customers. From creating the perfect product to our after-sales service, we put all our effort into meeting your demands.


Research and development

The expert bakers and pastry chefs in our laboratory strive to create all the products you could imagine. They make sure they understand your needs clearly and meet them by following a process that is both systematic and flexible. Dough, crumb, colour, texture, size, shape, shelf life, packaging… it can all be modified based on your specifications.



Although our plants differ in their specialties, production capacity and degree of automation, they both respect the same level of rigour and the same attention to detail. Whether they’re making breads or pastries, our baking professionals scrupulously keep in mind your vision, your values and your expectations. What’s more, the procedures that we’ve honed specifically for our customers always go beyond market standards to attain a superior level of quality.


Quality control

You can count on our quality control specialists to guarantee consistent excellence across the board. They scrutinize every step of the process, from receiving raw materials to shipping finished products. And when they examine our finished breads and pastries, they ensure that every batch is traceable.


Customer service

Besides ensuring quality in our ingredients and manufacturing process, we also insist on providing quality customer service. Our committed team is attentive to your concerns and always prepared to answer your questions or help you in any way necessary.

Trusted certifications

Consumers increasingly expect products to bear recognized seals of quality that establish credibility. We are able to provide just such products to meet these expectations. We work closely with the most respected certifying organizations in our industry.